A New Day for West Georgia

John Pezold has a vision for West Georgia. As a small business owner, John knows what can be achieved through hard work, determination, and persistence. As a state legislator, John intends to bring these qualities to Atlanta to bring in a new day of prosperity for Georgia as well as the 133rd district.

Champion Stronger Ethics Reform

John's biggest pillar in his campaign for the 133rd House district of Georgia is stronger Ethics reform under the Gold Dome. John believes that government as a whole breaks down when elected officials are too close to special interest and lobbyists.

John believes that all state legislators should have term limits. By pushing for term limits, John can ensure that legislators are elected for the right reasons and do not to just sit idly by as our state faces one of the greatest crises in our Nationıs history.

Jobs and Economic Development

John believes in providing appropriate, appealing tax incentives for companies to bring their business and jobs to the 133rd district as well as the state of Georgia.

John believes that by doing away with the corporate energy tax, companies that locate within the district such as Kia will have the incentive to stay, expand, and bring more jobs to Georgia.

John believes it is time for a complete review of the state tax code. As a small business owner, John knows how state (as well as federal) income taxes severely hinder private sector growth. He also understands that government bureaucracy does not create jobs - the free market creates jobs.

John intends to promote and champion legislation that helps entrepreneurs and small business owners gain access to capital to either start or grow their businesses.

Water and Natural Resources

Water remains an unresolved issue in the state of Georgia. With West Point Lake almost entirely within the 133rd district, John knows the importance of understanding issues important to his neighbors North of the reservoir as well as the issues important to his neighbors South of it.

West Point Lake is the single most powerful economic driver for the city of West Point. John knows the importance of promoting tourism and also bringing hotels, restaurants, and other businesses to the area to complete the cityıs economic development plan. With great relationships with the Mayor, City Manager, and the City Council, John will work hand-in-hand to make sure that West Point can reach its full potential as a city while still operating within its means.