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HB 126: Courts; Judicial Qualifications Commission; change provisions

Voted on Thursday February 9, 2017

John Pezold's thoughts

This legislation is the result of Constitutional Amendment # 3 passing in the November election. Voters opted to dissolve the Judicial Qualifying Commission to establish a new, more accountable Commission.

The legislation is rather lengthy, but here are a few highlight:

--Increases number of people on the Commission from 7 to 10
(7 to investigate, 3 to serve as hearing panel)
--Investigative panel is responsible for ensuring appointed persons are qualified to serve and also for hiring staff for the Commission
--Hearing panel makes recommendations to Supreme Court and adjudicates complaints before JQC and can also issue advisory opinions
--Requirements to serve: 10 year state bar of GA member OR a citizen who is not an attorney and is registered to vote OR elected or appointed JUDGE
--APPOINTMENTS of investigative panel (Quorum is 4)
1 from the Governor → must be attorney
2 from the Supreme Court → must be judges
2 from President of the Senate → one citizen and one attorney
2 from Speaker of the House → one citizen and one attorney
APPOINTMENTS of hearing panel
--1 from Governor → attorney
2 from Supreme Court -- > one attorney and one judge

The bill requires that all details of complaints are confidential until formal charges are filed. If the action of the JQC is disciplinary, the meeting is open to the public.

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John Pezold's Vote

Vote Totals

The table below breaks down the total number of votes, and marks the majority vote.

Voted Total % Majority Vote?
Yea 176 97.8% Majority Vote
Nay 0 0%
Did not vote 2 1.1%
Excused 2 1.1%