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HB 237: Public Education Innovation Fund Foundation; receive private donations for grants to public schools; provisions

Voted on Tuesday February 28, 2017

John Pezold's thoughts

Creates the Public Education Innovation Fund Foundation (501c3)
Allows Foundation to receive private grant money and 501c3 money for public schools
Specifically related to programs for bettering student achievement
Funds will be allocated to schools through a grant process
Requires the Foundation to report to the Dept. of Revenue
Gives individual tax credits of $1,000 per year
$2,500 for a married couple
Up to $10,000 for an individual of LLC, s-corp or partnership
Corporations can get tax credit up to value of the amount donated OR 75% of tax liability (lesser option)
Caps state credits at $7 million a year through 2025
$10 million cap 2026-2033
Sunset is 2033

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Vote Totals

The table below breaks down the total number of votes, and marks the majority vote.

Voted Total % Majority Vote?
Yea 165 91.7% Majority Vote
Nay 1 0.6%
Did not vote 3 1.7%
Excused 11 6.1%