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SB 4: “Enhancing Mental Health Treatment in Georgia Act”; Georgia Mental Health Treatment Task Force; establish

Voted on Friday March 24, 2017

John Pezold's thoughts

I voted NO on SB 4 which creates a Mental Health Treatment Task Force. The Task force is comprised of members from the House, the Senate, and appointments by the Governor.

The purpose is to examine the current mental health landscape in the state related to public and private insurance coverages and resources. The task force will also evaluate the effect of mental health issues on jails, state hospitals, emergency rooms, law enforcement, and other related institutions.

I voted NO on SB 4 because I don't believe the state should be looking into how private insurers should be covering mental health issues. I also voted NO because in 2016, the state created a mental health study committee to consider matters such as this and collect the above-mentioned data and very little was yielded. The state does not need a task force to determine the problems these entities are facing.

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John Pezold's Vote

Vote Totals

The table below breaks down the total number of votes, and marks the majority vote.

Voted Total % Majority Vote?
Yea 138 76.7% Majority Vote
Nay 5 2.8%
Did not vote 9 5%
Excused 28 15.6%